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Planetary Emergency

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Connecting Your VCC With Other VCCs

Connecting with others, with nature, with the transcendent is genetically programmed into us. The deep connections of respect, trust and unity are realized when we put ourselves unreservedly into a relationship and especially when we participate in a worthy mission. The malaise of our era is that most of us have many superficial "on-line friends” but few deep connections. Place4Us is a platform designed to encourage deep connections by facilitating the formation of communities of practice. Examples are the COPE VCC, where many of us search for pathways to confront and tackle the planetary emergency, or the Sewerology VCC where a community of practitioners is discussing ways to address the global lack of sewage systems that can help to reduce environmental pollution.

Place4Us is designed for VCCs to link together in small groups, clusters, and large ecosystems. Within your VCC, you can connect locally with the members of this VCC. Your VCC can connect with related VCCs to form clusters of VCCs that support each other and share resources. Connect globally with a world-wide ecosystem of VCCs. Place4Us has multiple ways for VCCs to find each other and to link together so that they form strong supportive and impactful networks. Place4Us offers many functions to discover other VCCs, to establish relations with relevant VCCs, and to interconnect closely.