Planetary Emergence Declaration

Draft PED
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Declaration of Planetary Emergency

Version 0.5, November 10, 2022


We humans are ruling the planet! The future of humanity and the planet is in our hands. While we have created a life of prosperity and abundance for many, many more are suffering and the Earth's life-support system is in a planetary emergency. To overcome the emergency and have more of use share in the benefits of our achievements, we all need to come together to face the challenge. Only is we face the planetary emergency can we avoid a dystopic future. Together we need to engage in the urgent actions to change the paths we are on, and together we can develop the pathways to a future where Earth remains a place for all of us.

We recognize: The Earth's life-support system is ailing and the impact on humanity are increasing

We understand: The Prognosis for the Earth's life-support system and humanity's future is not a good one

We acknowledge: Many efforts have been made at all levels to change the path the Earth's life-support system and humanity are on

We realize: These efforts made have not brought us closer to a healing of the Earth's life-support system or a desireable future for humanity


We pledge to: Unite and engage in urgent actions and longterm transformation to ensure Earth remains a place for us, the human race and all other life.

We will address the immediate urgency through: A number of actions focusing on keeping our planet as closed as possible to a safe operating space for humanity.

To bring us out of the emergency, we will: Aim for a global agreement on the future we want for our planet and humanity and develop pathways to that future.

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