Town Square

About the Stage Space

Note that the Place4Us Stage is in the conceptual Design Phase. It will have the functionallity described below when it is fully established.

The Stage on the Town Square is a place where groups can report on how they tackled a challenge so that others with similar challenges can learn from the experiences. Groups can perform on the Stage and present their projects and their efforts to tackle a challenge, such as making progress to a SDG. In addition, the Stage also provides means for members of group reporting and others to discuss how further progress can be built on the project results.

The Stage ensures that all participants of Place4Us can access the performance. Groups that want to perform on the Stage have to submit a proposal to the Stage Committee, which will evaluate the proposal. Once a proposal has been accepted the authority and responsibility for the performance and folow-up discussion is with the proposing lead VCC or the proposing lead participant(s).