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Establishing a new Virtual Community Center

A community that would like to establish a new VCC can submit a request from Request VCC. The form for the request asks for information on the person submitting the request, the community that would like to establish the new VCC, and the vision and mission of this community. Make sure that the vision and mission of the community are aligned to the vision and mission of Place4Us.

Note that once a request has been submitted, the request is public and can be viewed by all registered Page4Us users. These users can comment on the request and rate the proposed VCC. Importantly, the users can point to potential overlaps with existing VCCs and recommend collaborations of the new VCC with existing VCCs or clusters of VCCs.

The Place4Us Ethos Committee (PEC) reviews the request and considers the comments and ratings from the user community. Based on this, the PEC accepts the request, or demands revisions and a new submission. In some cases, the request may be rejected. These cases are mainly those where the vision and mission of the new community deviates significantly from the vision and mission of Place4Us.

Reviewing of Requests for new VCCs. Requests for new VCCs can be submitted by any user of Place4Us. Once a request has been submitted, it is open for comments and ratings from all users of Place4us. After the reviewing period is closed, the Ethos Committee decides based on the user comments and ratings on whether the request is to be accepted, revised, or rejected. Once a request is accepted, the VCC is automatically established with two initial floors. The user who requested the VCC can then construct the VCC building according to the community needs and open it for the public and for members to sign up.