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Towards a Global Citizen Movement

The mission of Place4Us is to facilitate a global citizen movement that brings together the very many groups and organizations that are restlessly working to bring humanity back into balance with the rest of nature and to ensure a future in which the basic needs of all people are met while safeguarding the Earth's life-support system on which the welfare of all human and non-human life depends.

Paul Hawken identified a "blessed unrest" of millions of groups and organizations who all are working towards this goal. However, there is no place for this unrest to form a powerful global movement that can change the current trajectory and tackle the growing spectrum of potentially cataclysmic threats we all are facing. The governments in the world again and again address these threats insufficiently and incompetently. Only a global citizen movement can change this.

To achieve the mission of Place4Us, the Earth Viablility Center has established Place4Us as social collaboration platform that is designed to host a global ecosystem of Virtual Community Centers (VCCs). Place4Us is developed and governed by the global user community under the corporate framework provided by Earth Viability Center, Inc. (EVC), a not-for-profit company registered in Virginia, USA.

VCCs can provide a home for each of the groups in the blessed unrest. The global ecosystems of interconnected VCCs can facilitate a global citizen movement that has the power to create a desirable future for all of us.